We are recognized specialists in water resources engineering, hydrology and hydraulics. Modelcore Services also provides training courses all around the globe to both government agencies and the private sector for these areas of engineering analysis. We provide courses related to hydrologic and hydraulic computer models—The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center’s (HEC) River Analysis System (HEC-RAS). We also provide courses on flood studies, culvert, bridge, dam failure and multidimensional hydraulic modeling.

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Our Goal

The choice to promote the use and organization of software training programs developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers (HEC) “Hydrologic Engineering Center” is due to their good relationship between cost and performance.

Consulting Work

• Creating HEC-RAS projects at the earliest.
• Work on old HEC-RAS project and correcting them.
• Numerous work around for real world problems related hydraulic modelling project.

Projects We Support

• Floodplain mapping.
• Bridges & Culvert’s project.
• Inline structures.
• Inundation mapping and retention ponds.
• Off channel storage areas.
• Work with multiple HEC-RAS projects simultaneously.
• Edit and compute floodplain encroachments interactively, speeding up
FEMA flood analysis
• Support for AutoCAD Civil 3D, MicroStation and ESRI GIS data
• Construct and edit model interactively using HEC-RAS specific editing and
model creation
• Edit and compare multiple plans
• Generate flood maps for both steady flow and unsteady flow results
• Handle larger projects, parallel support, and much more.

We specialize in advanced water resources engineering, working toward sustainable solutions that balance the needs of the user with those of the environment. Our Consulting Services come with updated approaches, advanced technology, innovative vision, genuine values, detail-oriented efforts, top skilled professionals, lawful competence, ethical behavior and 100 % commitment to a quality outcome. With all this, our fully qualified team is ready to address the needs that our clients may have in line with our consulting areas of services, I.e. specialized studies for water resources and environmental transport processes. We work with AutoCAD, MicroStation and ESRI ArcGIS compatible environment with 1D/2D modelling capability of the US Army Corps of Engineers HEC-RAS software, allowing a variety of different data to be quickly and easily incorporated into a HEC-RAS project.

HEC-RAS Training

This training will help you understand the basics of steady flow modeling. Trainees will gain intensive experience constructing HEC-RAS models, including developing bridge geometry and performing floodplain analyses. Lectures also discuss modeling bridges and culverts.

Advanced unsteady flow modeling-dam break studies. This training shows how to approach and conduct a dam breach problem, estimate breaching parameters, construct an HEC-RAS unsteady flow model of the dam breach, and eliminate errors and instabilities in the model run.

Two-dimensional HEC-RAS models from scratch. We focus on giving experience with building and pre-processing the computational mesh, performing 2D projects, and using the built-in feature RAS Mapper to spatially analyze results.

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